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Dharangaon is a taluka place in the Jalgaon district in Maharashtra. Dharangaon has a historical significance and glorious tradition in various walks of life. It is a matter of pride that the founder of Maratha Rajya, the greatest warrior, leader and patriot Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj sanctified the land of Dharangaon by visiting this town during his visits in the year 1675.

Dharangaon is also known for the famous temple of Chintamani Moraya (Lord Ganesh) and Balaji Maharaj in the surrounding area and this happens to be the place of worship and devotion for innumerable devotees in the adjoining districts of the town. It is a matter of pride that renowned Marathi poet Thombare (Balkavi) was born in Dharangaon. This town is very crucial from the commercial point of view because the whole town was under the commercial impact of handloom and powerloom units and also wooden bullock cart production factories. At present there is a worth noting activities of ginning and pressing cotton factories in Dharangaon and contribute to the industrial growth of Dharangaon. Dharangaon Municipal Council happens to be the oldest Municipal Council in Jalgaon District.



The great social thinker and a generous merchant Shri. Parshuram Rayachand and like minded people established the educational institution in February 1914 to meet the needs of secondary education of the poor boys and girls living in Dharangaon area. The Society was named as P.R. Highschool Society and educational branches and activities flowered with the help of collection of donations and the efforts of selfless people. Initially, the society ran one pr-primary, primary and secondary schools and decided to run a college to cater the needs of poor village and town dwellers residing in Dharangaon and the surrounding area. As the result of the efforts of the honorable members of P.R. High School Society, the College came into existence in the year 1971 and started its holy faction of teaching and shaping the all round development of students. The college began its educational progress with a small number of 74 students and the strength of the college has been continuously increasing since then college offers education in all faculties like Arts, Commerce and Science. The college was affiliated formerly to Pune University (1971 to 1990) and then after the establishment of North Maharashtra University it got affiliated to NMU, Jalgaon from 1990 onward.


The college has been recognized by the UGC ‘under 2f’ from 15th July 1976 and under 12 B from 19th January 1984. The North Maharashtra University has also granted the status of ‘Permanent Affiliation’ to our college. Ours was the only college in the rural area that was allowed to run M.phil. Courses in various faculties and subjects by the Government of Maharashtra and Pune University. Our college also successfully conducted post-graduate classes in commerce, English, Marathi and Hindi and our P.G. students got through the University examination and achieved glorious success.

At present, the college offers education U.G up to B.A., and B.Sc. It is a matter of pride for the institution that our student successfully completes their research work and they were awarded Ph.D. by Pune University and North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon. Our student got remarkable success in various University examinations and they passed with good marks and some of them were placed in the University examinations merit list. Yashwantrao Chavan Open University, Nashik granted a permission to our college to run its center on our college campus. The center provides a golden opportunity of higher education to all students, who can’t complete their higher education by joining regularly the courses run by the college. It offers education up to a graduate level in Arts and Commerce faculties and very soon the education at P.G. level will also commence in addition to some computer courses.

The college is situated on Dharangaon Jalgaon highway near about two kilometers away from the city. The location of college is at a calm and quiet place surrounded by the natural background of the hills and brooks. The college area is spread over the huge campus of thirteen acres and various buildings like the main building, UGC building, Library, Gymkhana, Canteen, YCMU, Nashik, Office, the Urban Co-operative Bank, Dharangaon-extension counter and some other new buildings are proposed to be constructed very soon.

At present the total strength of our college is 2100. The various departments of our college are well equipped with the modern equipments and essential faculties like computer-lab, Science Lab and a departmental library. The faculty of our college is highly qualified and four teachers have already completed their research projects and have been awarded Ph.D. by the University our faculty members have been honored by Pune University and North Maharashtra University by appointing and selecting them as members of various constitutional bodies like BOS, faculty, dean, paper setters, moderators & examiners framed by Pune and North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon. Prin. Dr. T. S. Birajdar (Politics), Prof. B. F. Shaikh (Hindi). Two faculty members Prof. S. R. Patil (English) and Prof. Mrs. C. S. Sukhdane (Commerce) have awarded Ph.D. Prof. Mrs. C. S. Sukhdane completed her M.Phil. in commerce. Our former principal Dr. G. M. Talhar was also having a doctoral degree (Ph.D.) to his credit Currently Prof. K. M. Patil (Marathi) and Prof. A. D. Valvi (Defence Studies) have been awarded teacher fellowships under the Faculty Improvement Programme by the UGC and they are activity engaged in their research activities. Prof. Mrs. C. S. Sukhdane was awarded teacher fellowships in her respective subjects for completing her M.Phil. and Ph.D. research works. Our faculty members Prin. Dr. G. M. Talhar, Prof. Mrs. C. S. Sukhdane and Prof. B. F. Shaikh were awarded the UGC grants for completing their major and minor research projects and all of them successfully completed their research work. At presents Prof. K. M. Patil (Marathi) and Prof. A. D. Valvi (Defence Studies) are working for their minor research projects under the UGC scheme.

In addition to the devotion of various teaching duties and assignments, our faculty members are activity participating in the field of social-service. Our vice principal Prof. R. N. Mahajan in the key person at the state level, who actively participates in the mingling of various castes and creating one society. (Samajik Samarasta March, in addition to this he is the chairman of a library that is run for the town and the surrounding villages. He happens to be the director of an educational institution named ‘Vivekanand Shikshan Prasarak Mandal’ which runs Pre-primary, Primary, and Secondary schools in Dharangaon. Prof. C. S. Patil is related to various social activities and propagates constructive the ones and principals like Anti-drug-movement, Removal of illiteracy, blind-faith, secularism, Aids awareness and clean and healthy villages. Prof. C. S. Patil is also a trained ‘Yoga Teacher’ and Yoga classes are regularly conducted in our college under the guidance of Prof. C. S. Patil. Prof. K. M. Patil happens to be the member of board of studies in Marathi and also the honorable member of Faculty of Arts framed as per the statute of North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon.

Prof. V. N. Andhale, an active teacher from the Marathi department is also a renowned poet, his poems have been published in different collections and been incorporated in the Marathi textbook for 3rd standard prepared by the Government of Maharashtra. All the above mentioned teachers are also writers and their articles on various social, political, academic, cultural and religious aspects are frequently published in different newspapers. All the teachers are punctual. Honest in their duties and fully devoted to achieve the mission of our college. ‘Shaping Versatile Personality With Social and Moral Awareness – through Qualitative Education’
Apart from the regular teaching and learning in the class-room situation, different useful devices like class-room discussion, seminar, workshop, group discussion are regularly conducted in the college. In addition to the traditional teaching aids, modern teaching aids like Lap-Top, VCR, DVD, CD are effectively used by our faculty members in the class-room situation. There are various platforms made available to the student, for shaping a versatile personality like Arts circle, Elocution forum, Gymkhana department, Library Association, Annual Magazine - 'Avishkar’ Commerce Association, Yuvati – Sabha. The Exam and learn scheme is regularly implemented in our college and all desirous, deserving poor student are benefited from this scheme. The college is successfully practicing different healthy practices for teachers and students. These healthy practices include staff-credit society, felicitation for achievements of staff-members in different fields, the practices for student include awarding prizes, certificates, movements for re the glorious success of our students in academic and non-academic fields.


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